Our Community Volunteers are an integral part of our program. They take great pride in providing support to the most vulnerable in their home community.

You’re the perfect fit to volunteer with our team if you are someone who’s personable, sensitive, friendly, understanding of confidentiality, empathetic of the needs of others, interested in promoting healthy lifestyles in your community, and eager to make a real difference.

All of our volunteers have completed comprehensive training such as Assist, Mental Health First Aid, 1 on 1 training with the victim services worker in-community and the area supervisor, and are welcome to all other training held by our organization.

With our volunteer program, we’ll help you grow as an individual and acquire skills in a chosen specialty such as suicide prevention, mental health, sexual assault, and more to bring hope and structure into the lives of many.

Many of our volunteers have used these opportunities to gain experience for a career in sociology, social work, psychology. We are also always happy to work with students to apply for a practicum in these fields. If you are interested in becoming a part of our volunteer team, please contact us or complete our volunteer application below.