We're a non-profit in Northern Saskatchewan helping the victims of crime and traumatic events

We believe in and provide:

Emotional Support in and out of the court process immediately following an incident 

Information on what to expect and prepare for from an investigation through to the court process such as how to answer questions, what may be asked, etc.

Referrals to connect those in need with services such as mental health, medical, shelter, and more

Advocacy within the policing and court system, and also other areas such as education, child and family services, social development, and more


We're located in 15 RCMP detachments across Northern Saskatchewan and offer our services across the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District except Cumberland House and Green Lake.

Northern Transportation and Support Initiative (NTSI)

The NTSI helps create a safety plan for leaving an unsafe situation including support information, referrals, and financial resources.

We connect our clients with positive services

When we meet with a client and discuss what has happened, we discuss different options and resources they have to help begin the healing journey. We aim to match our clients with services based on their unique needs to provide professional assistance throughout the process.

Referral services we recommend are based on the best fit within our Northern Saskatchewan communities.

Our volunteers are making an impactful difference every day

Our volunteers take great pride in helping people in their own community through a crucial and important time in their lives. We provide access to comprehensive training resources so that our volunteers can feel prepared and confident as they make a positive difference to real lives.


Please find other helpful resources, PDFs, and links about safety planning, shelter, sexual assault services, other victim services programs and more.